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Città Alta in Bergamo

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After visiting S. Vigilio Hill, head to the main part of Città Alta. The main street has stunning architecture and is full of life with shops, bars and restaurants. It is the ideal place for a leisurely stroll and a taste of traditional Italian cuisine.


Piazza Vecchia

Piazza Vecchia is a beautiful square in the center of Città Alta. For centuries, the square has been the lynchpin of Bergamo’s political and civil power and is now a popular meeting place for locals. An influential architect and city planner Le Corbusier considered Piazza Vecchia to be one of the most beautiful squares in Europe.

Piazza Vecchia, Bergamo, Italy
Contarini Fountain, Citta Alta, Bergamo, Italy

Contarini Fountain

At the center of Piazza Vecchia is the Contarini Fountain, an iconic symbol of Bergamo and one that all visitors should take time to admire. The sphinx and lions are a reminder of Venice's influence on the city. TIP: bring bubbles and let your kids go crazy catching them around the fountain. 


As soon as you enter Piazza Vecchia, you can’t miss the Bell Tower, also known as the Campanone.  Its height is 52.76 metres and I highly recommend to climb up (there is a lift). Admission is free for under 10, 1€ for 11-17, 3€ for 18-26, and the full price is 5€, which also includes entry to Palazzo del Podestà.

The cobblestone streets of Città Alta, the Contarini Fountain, rooftops of Piazza Vecchia, and the surrounding area can all be seen from the tower. The views from the top are sure to take your breath away and give you a renewed appreciation for the beauty of the city.

Campanone, Citta Alta, Bergamo, Italy

Piazza Duomo

Piazza Duomo is separated from Piazza Vecchia by Palazzo della Ragione. The Palazzo della Ragione is the heart of Bergamo's civic life and a symbol of its rich culture. Built in the 12th century, it has served as a town hall, courthouse, and even a theatre. Take time to explore Piazza Duomo, where you will find other historical monuments such as the Basilica of Santa Maria Maggiore, the Colleoni Chapel and Bergamo Cathedral (Sant'Alessandro). The Duomo of Bergamo is definitely worth a visit.

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