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Travelling from GB to the EU with your pet after Brexit?

From 1 January 2021, UK pet passports are no longer valid for travel with pets from Great Britain to any EU country or Northern Ireland.

If you are relocating to the EU or just looking to take your pet on holiday, here's your pet travel checklist:

- a microchip;

- Valid rabies vaccination - your pet must be at least 12 weeks old to be vaccinated and you must wait 21 days after your pet has been vaccinated before traveling. Day 1 is the day after the rabies vaccination. You do not have to wait for the booster vaccination to travel if there is no interruption in vaccination coverage. A rabies booster shot is required every 3 years;

- Animal Health Certificate (AHC) – can only be issued by an Official Veterinarian within 10 days of your departure;

- Treat dogs for tapeworms only when traveling directly to Finland, the Republic of Ireland, Northern Ireland, Norway or Malta.


Pet Air Travel vs Eurotunnel

Flying with pets can be complicated and expensive. Unfortunately, not all airlines accept pets (e.g. Ryanair, Easyjet, etc.). Commercial airlines that allow animals usually transport them in the cargo hold of the aircraft. Some airlines have partnered with pet transport specialists to expedite the process. Their prices vary, depending on the level of service chosen. We have received quotes of £1,069-1,350 to ship our cat from London to Milan. Out of hours check-in (before 7am or on weekends or holidays) and broker clearance at our destinations were not included in the above prices.

We decided to travel by car and chose the Eurotunnel. The booking and check-in process is very easy. Prices are only £22 per pet, each way. All pets must be checked in at the Pet Reception prior to travel which involves scanning their microchip and having their AHC verified. The pet registration facility is open 24 hours a day. There is a pet play area with artificial grass and supplemental poop bags. Pets stay in your car while driving.


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