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La Marianna cafe, Citta Alta Bergamo

The Funicular in Bergamo

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The funicular is one of the most popular attractions, not only among children but also among adults. Bergamo actually has 2 funiculars: The first – the Città Alta Funicular - connects the lower part of Bergamo (“Città Bassa”) with the upper part (“Città Alta”), the old historic center of Bergamo, encircled by Venetian walls.


The second - San Vigilio Funicular – will take you to the highest and most panoramic point of the town, San Vigilio hill, where you will find the ruins of San Vigilio Castle, former residence of many of Bergamo’s rulers. I recommend using this funicular as the staring point for your trip to Bergamo, as the first funicular often crowded on weekends and public holidays. Expect a 30-minute wait.


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How to get to San Vigilio Funicular in Città Alta, Bergamo:


The Bus No1A from Porta Nuova to Città Alta is the most convenient way to get there. 

Travel all the way to the final stop (TIP: sit or stand on the left side to enjoy the view of the lower town), then cross the road towards La Marianna café and go under Porta Sant'Alessandro (Sant'Alessandro Gate). The entrance to the funicular is on the right.


A 24-hour or 72-hour bus ticket is highly recommended if you plan to spend a weekend in Bergamo. It allows unlimited travel on the bus and tram network, and also includes both funiculars and buses to and from the airport.


One-way bus tickets can also be used for both funiculars, but are only valid for 75 minutes after the first stamp. If you bought this ticket, head straight to the funicular to make the most of it.


TIP: You can use contactless cards (1 per person) on buses, trams and funiculars in Bergamo. You have to touch in every time you board a bus or funicular. Based on how many times you travel, the system automatically calculates the cheapest fare at the end of the day. If you encounter a ticket inspector, just show your contactless card. Your card number will be verified to confirm payment of the fare.

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