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Malpaga Castle - medieval castle in Bergamo Italy

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In the small town of Covernago, not far from the Serio River, where the time seems to have stopped in the XV century, there is Malpaga Castle.


The castle is located in the province of Bergamo, in northern Italy, just over 10 kilometres from Milan Bergamo Orio al Serio Airport, which is about 60 kilometres from the city of Milan. Malpaga Castle is definitely worth a visit if you're flying to or from Milan Bergamo Airport and have some spare time.


The castle has ancient medieval origins: it was built in the 14th century but it became famous only in 1456, thanks to its owner Bartolomeo Colleoni, the General Captain of the Venice Republic. He bought it for 100 gold ducats (a Venetian ducat is equivalent to 3.545grams of gold, and one ducat is worth about 200 euros at today’s gold prices) and transformed it into his beautiful home. The castle is considered one of the most interesting medieval buildings in Bergamo due to its historical and architectural importance and the interior frescoes painted by the Renaissance painter Il Romanino.


Thanks to the fame of its owner, Malpaga Castle has strong links with Bergamo and Venice. In Bergamo Alta, near the Duomo, you can see the Colleoni Chapel, where the captain's remains are laid. In Venice, in Piazza San Giovanni and Paolo, there is one of the most beautiful equestrian statues in the world, created by Andrea Verrocchio in honor of Bartolomeo Colleoni. The statue is 4 meters high and is the second greatest equestrian statue of the Italian Renaissance.


The castle is not built on a hill like most Italian and foreign castles. It has a square floor plan surrounded by a moat. The main entrance is on the north side of the castle, protected by a drawbridge. On the south side of the castle there is a large tower that served as a watchtower.


In the past, the castle has hosted countless historical events and various nobles.

Today, the castle opens its doors to the public and often organises fun public events for adults and children, such as costumed tours, Halloween parties and medieval dinners. Visit the official website for more information.

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