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S. Vigilio Castle tophill

San Vigilio Castle, Bergamo

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San Vigilio castle is located at 496m. above see level. To get there from the funicular station, just turn right and take a short walk up the hill. Since it was build, the castle has remained the focal point for the city. It was an important military post throughout the Middle Ages and housed the army garrison. Today, the castle is a popular stop for tourists looking to see what an authentic medieval fortress looks like and to enjoy the wonderful views of Bergamo and the surrounding countryside.


The viewing platform is at the top of the castle tower. It is the highest and the most prominent part of the castle. Kids in particular will enjoy climbing up the tower because it has narrow steps and small windows. This makes the climb up to the top exciting because they can't see what's coming next. Climbing to the top of the tower is not an easy feat though, but it offers unbelievable views. On a clear day, you can see the skyscrapers of Milan and sometimes even catch a glimpse of the Apennines!

After enjoying this romantic and peaceful spot, walk down the cobblestone steps back to the funicular station. If you are feeling hungry after all this climbing, you can have a break at the restaurant next to the station (a bit pricy but offer delicious food with panoramic views).

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